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A cool revamp of the Alcamax VX style pickups from 1963. These guitar pickups have a more metallic character compared to our AS57 vintage-style S-Type single coils. They’re ideal for Vox-style guitar builds, as replacements for originals (see below), or for adding a unique touch to your S-type guitar (just be cautious with scratch-plate pickup routings as these have square ends!).

Please note, these pickups may not fit as a direct replacement to all Vox guitars.

If intended as original Vox pickup replacements, please only purchase if you are sure they will fit. Before purchasing, measure the size of your old guitar pickups and compare against the VX63 dimensions, below (measured as accurately as possible but please allow a slight discrepancy):

L: 70mm x W: 18mm x H: 23mm (pickups have square corners)

Mounting holes 76mm apart (measured from middle of holes)

Please note we are in no way affiliated with Vox Guitars.

 DC Resistance

Magnet type
Pole spacing

Colour options

6.8K Bridge
6.8K Middle
6.8K Neck
Alnico V
52mm Bridge
52mm Middle
52mm Neck
Wax potted

Please note: Each selection is for one pickup. If you require a set you will need to select additionally for each one.

Alan Entwistle guitar pickups are supplied unboxed, with mounting screws and springs (where model-appropriate) and a wiring diagram showing a typical wiring configuration. 

We recommend that an experienced guitar technician installs your guitar pickups.

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