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This is the classic Nashville style humbucker you will be familiar with. It is brighter and twangier than most humbuckers, so ideal for Country Rock, Rockabilly, Rock 'n Roll, and early 60's British Rhythm 'n Blues. This uses Alnico V for authentic vintage flavour.

Available with either 'Arms' (generally for scratch-plate mounting) or 'Thru-Hole' (generally for when mounted direct to the body) fixing options. Please make sure you choose the correct option for your guitar. Contact us BEFORE purchase if you are unsure.

 DC Resistance


Magnet type
Pole spacing

Colour options

6.4K Bridge ‘Arms’ / 8K Bridge ‘Thru hole’
5K Neck ‘Arms’ / 7K Neck ‘Thru hole’
Alnico V
51mm Bridge
48mm Neck
Wax potted
Nickel cover


Please note: Each selection is for one pickup. If you require a set you will need to select additionally for each one.

Alan Entwistle pickups are supplied unboxed and with mounting screws and springs (where model-appropriate). All our humbucking pickups are wired with the ability to be coil-split so a wiring diagram is provided that shows how to wire for 'standard non-split', 'simple split', 'partial phasing' and 'series/parallel' configurations. 

We recommend that an experienced guitar technician fits your pickups. 

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