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Here we have our noiseless version of the classic AS57 guitar pickup, featuring staggered Alnico V rods.

Our approach to noiseless guitar pickups differs from others. Unlike most makers we have taken a regular, full-sized AS57 and integrated a smaller cancelling-coil underneath it. This innovation allows us to deliver a guitar pickup that still retains all of that vintage tone-scape that you expect from a traditional Alnico single pickup, but without the noise.

Please note: The DC Resistance readings here are shown for both coils. These  guitar pickups are not designed as an over-wound or ‘hot’ pickup. The tonal characteristics are derived from the main coil.

 DC Resistance

Magnet type
Pole spacing

Colour options

6K (+7.3K noiseless coil) Bridge
6K (+7.3K noiseless coil) Middle
6K (+7.3K noiseless coil) Neck
Alnico V
52mm Bridge
52mm Middle
50mm Neck
Wax potted

Please note: Each selection is for one pickup. If you require a set you will need to select additionally for each one.

Alan Entwistle guitar pickups are supplied unboxed, with mounting screws and springs (where model-appropriate) and a wiring diagram showing a typical wiring configuration. 

We recommend that an experienced guitar technician installs your guitar pickups. 

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